How to Protect Your Rental Deposit

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Rental deposits can be a considerable sum, often as much as 5 weeks worth of rent, so you will want to do everything you can to try and get it back. As an end of tenancy cleaning company we are aware of the common complaints landlords may have. Being aware of these can help you avoid them.

The top 5 reasons landlords don’t return deposits are:

  • The property has not been kept clean
  • The property has not been maintained to a sufficient standard
  • The property has been directly damaged
  • Rent is due after the tenancy is completed
  • There has been indirect damage due to lack of maintenance or carelessness

Most of these issues are easily avoidable but in order to ensure you do avoid them, keep a checklist, and don’t leave anything to the last minute.

Clean Up

According to ARLA estate agents almost 90% of estate agents said that insufficient cleanliness had caused landlords to withhold deposits. This is an easily avoidable issue. An end of tenancy cleaning company can ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned before inspection.

Do Your Bit

Many tenants don’t understand their responsibilities. You are obligated to behave in a ‘tenant like manner’ this means little things like replacing light bulbs and mowing the grass are your responsibility. Not adhering to these responsibilities can result in deposit deductions.

Make Good

We would advise against doing such things in the first place, but if you cause any damage, ie. nail holes, these should be covered or repaired.

Be Honest

Of course you’d rather avoid them, but accidents do happen, and it’s what you do after that can make the difference. Should something go wrong, be honest about it, call your landlord or letting agent straight away.

Get in Touch

Our end of tenancy cleaning company has a great deal of experience preparing homes for check out inspections, we know which areas need the most attention. If you want help with your chore list, contact us.

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