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Moving homes is an exciting but stressful process, there is so much to think about with all the packing that often the cleaning gets pushed to the bottom of your list and left to the last minute.

Most landlords will be very particular about the check out report, and will take hefty deductions from your deposit if their stipulations are not met. So, leaving the cleaning to the last minute can be a costly mistake. Our end of tenancy cleaning tips can help you stay on top of your to-do list, protecting your deposit from unnecessary deductions.

Step 1: Read Your Tenancy Agreement

Reading your tenancy agreement in full will give you all the information you need. The check in/ check out report will let you know of any damage that was already there when you moved in, and it will also let you know how the house needs to be left when you move out.

If you have caused any damage during your tenancy you should repair this before you move out. If you don’t then the landlord is within their right to deduct charges from your deposit.

2: Decide Whether to Hire an End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

If you have lots of time on your hands and a soft spot for cleaning then you may want to do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself. If not, you can hire a professional company. The end of tenancy cleaning company will offer you a full property clean, paying special attention to the areas mentioned on your check out report. Some end of tenancy cleaning companies may even offer a deposit back guarantee.

3: Complete the Clean

Whether it is you or a cleaning company doing the job, the next step is to get the work done. Pay special attention to the areas that often get missed. Think about windows, windowsills, in between blind slats, skirting boards, ovens, grout in kitchens and bathrooms, plug holes, the list goes on. Also, your tenancy agreement may suggest you are responsible for cleaning additional areas such as shared hallways or gardens. So it may be worth thinking about these too.

4: Check the Work

If you do hire an end of tenancy cleaning company you should always check over their work before paying them and before the landlord inspection. Make sure you are happy with the standard so that you have the greatest chance of protecting your deposit.

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