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Taking down Gleeoks in Tears of the Kingdom is easy with an orbital laser cannon

It's simple really.

If you're having trouble with taking down any of the incredibly intimidating Gleeoks in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, building an orbital laser cannon ought to do the trick.

Spoilers ahead!

One of the complaints some fans had about Breath of the Wild was how some classic enemies were missing - bokoblins and lizalfos were in there, but there were a few that some would have liked to have seen. Thankfully enemies like Like Likes (take a shot every time you read like) as well as Gibdos are back. And Gleeoks, an enemy found in the very first Zelda, are back for the first time since Phantom Hourglass, making this their fourth appearance ever. They are also a ridiculously intimidating overworld boss, particularly because of their ability to fly. So one player just built an "orbital strike satellite laser cannon", you know, as you do.

As spotted by GamesRadar, the clip was shared to Twitter showing off this ridiculously powerful Ultrahand creation. Based on what users could interpret from looking at the clip, the build included various Zonai items, like hover stones, a sled, a rocket, and to do all that damage, 10 beam emitters. Some also think a Zonai construct head was attached so the beams would lock on to the Gleeok, and a swivel mount so it can manoeuvre itself to face the three-headed dragon.

The game's not even been out a week yet, and players are already building a whole bunch of different wacky and wonderful creations - yes, you can in fact make a mech if you want to. Ultrahand isn't the only ability you can do cool things with in Tears of the Kingdom, though. There's Fuse, which proves that experimentation can produce some cool (and sometimes silly) results. And Recall is so busted that it could be the strongest ability in the game.

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