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Tears of the Kingdom midnight launch had kids form a circle pit at a death metal gig

One way to spend a Friday night.

What better way is there to celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom than by listening to a metal gig and watching kids make a circle pit?

Midnight launches are quite the ordeal for some, as they can be a fun way to connect with your local community - you might even have your copy sold to you by Bowser himself. But where some midnight launches will keep things simple by quite literally just selling people the game, others will go the extra mile, like at one GameStop in Texas, Houston, which literally featured a death metal gig and a bunch of kids forming a circle pit.

As reported by Consequencehttps://consequence.net/2023/05/kids-circle-pit-gamestop/ (thanks, NME), the band featured at the midnight launch is called Severance, with the group's lead singer Chris De Leon saying that he is a "huge gamer," and is friends with this GameStop's manager. The manager invited the band to play at the midnight launch, and play they did. "[Before] the very last song [we played that night] … I saw these little kids just really getting into it in front of us, and one of them started doing a circle pit motion," De Leon said. "So, on the spot, I taught them, 'Hey, do that, but altogether … we call that a circle pit.' … The song kicks in, and these kids are going hard."

A little bit of context for the non-gig attending readers: circle pits are a bit like moshing, instead of pushing everyone around, you just create a circle and run around the edges, as wonderfully demonstrated by the kids in the clip below.

Midnight launches seem to be forming all kinds of memories and stories for players, as one player might have even found love while at a midnight launch they attended. Something to tell the grandkids!

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