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Six things you didn’t know you could do with Fuse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Plenty of discoveries to be made.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a bunch of new abilities for you to try out and experiment with, so here's a few cool things that Fuse can do!

Spoilers ahead!

Link has been tasked with a brand new adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and new adventures need new powers, four of them in fact. We've got Recall, which could be the strongest ability in the game. There's Ascend, something that was originally just a developer debug feature that was added in because the developers love to cheat. Or there's Ultrahand, which is basically magnesis from the first game, only you can grab just about anything, and make some truly wacky and wonderful creations.

Lastly, there's Fuse, which lets you do just that with your weapons and pretty much anything else in the game. Of course, there's a whole lot of things that you can Fuse with, not all of them being all that useful or all that impressive. So we've got a list here for you with six cool things you can do with Fuse you might not have realised.

1. Rockets on shields basically let you fly

You might have already seen that attaching a rocket to your shield can let you shoot up into the sky, a useful replacement for Revali's Gale. But did you know you use it to turn your shield into a hoverboard?

@__ori_____ #totk #legendsofzelda #rockets ♬ die (sped up) - lucidbeatz & key kelly

2. Lizalfos tails turn weapons into whips

If you feel like you really miss the whip from Skyward Sword, then this one's for you (though no, you can't use it to swing across the land unfortunately). This is one of those "dang, they really put a lot of thought into this game" kind of fusions that really leave you feeling impressed.

I found my new favorite fuse part
by u/Comprehensive-Toe633 in tearsofthekingdom

3. Wings on shields lets you do Link's slow motion shooting on the ground

One of Link's best innate abilities is his superhuman ability to slow down time while shooting an arrow in the air. Turns out if you attach a Wing to one of your shields, it lets you activate said slow motion while on flat ground.

PSA: putting Wings on a shield allows you to do slow-mo on flat ground
by u/jokermoonbow in tearsofthekingdom

4. Yes, you can Fuse Riju's toy seals to your weapons

This one's mostly just silly, but you can in fact do it, and apparently if you talk to Riju afterwards she notices you did it!

You can fuse Rijus toy seals to weapons 😭😭
by u/peachcait in tearsofthekingdom

5. Make really, really strong weapons

Most of the weapons you'll find early on in the game don't deal much damage, but it turns out that fusing a Gibdo part can add up to 80 points of damage, which certainly help you cheese the game if that's the kind of player you are.

+80 fuse damage
by u/Flarbildy in tearsofthekingdom

6. Die!

Yeah, alright, not every fusion idea is a good one, but it's good to know that attaching a bomb barrel to a boomerang will result in serious injury.

+80 fuse damage
by u/Flarbildy in tearsofthekingdom

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